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The Art

The Art is Cooking

                                                      The Art is Cooking

                             “Follow the work of art in whatever you choose to do in life"

Participating in making art is something which we all do daily; curiously enough very few of us would describe the work we do daily as art or call ourselves artists. 
Everyone is an artist, which doesn't mean that all people are interested or equipped to be creators of traditional works of art, but we may consider seeing and experiencing creativity as not exclusive to the realm of "artists". Everyone can apply a creative attitude and thinking to what they do. 
I am hooked on art,  not because I feel special, or because I spend years training and working as a classical musician, but because I see art happening all the time, everywhere, and believe that art is something that all of us humans do, and we do a lot of it. Not only are we all productive artists in our daily lives, but our lives are like works of art in and of themselves: novels, short stories, poems, paintings, songs, sculptures, dances, deliciously spicy, bland, tasty and colorful dishes. Becoming aware of our daily works of art will enhance the quality of our lives and give more meaning to them.
Cooking is one of the activities in which I engage daily, and just like most other activities it can be experienced as a vehicle for self expression and creativity. Home cooked meals may not be the kind of oeuvres which you find in museums or concert halls, but the essence of it is the same: combining ideas with a sense of purpose and creativity, and as a result  receiving and giving insight from and to the world around us. Cooking is the medium I have chosen to inspire you and awaken your awareness of the daily works of arts in your life and of the artist in you.

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